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Deloitte Doctoral Consortium

I was nominated to go to the 2017 Deloitte Doctoral consortium. For those unfamiliar, the consortium gives PhD attendees a fantastic chance to network and share their work with peers and leaders in their field. I presented with the Analytical group - the smallest group there - as the paper I presented was at the time exclusively a model created with Mark Penno.

We spent three days learning from esteemed leaders of the field, socializing, all at the beautiful Deloitte Campus in Dallas Texas. Notably, I lead a mafia game which expanded from 6 members the first day, until nearly half of all attendees had played by the final day.

We were lucky enough to play with Phil Stocken, Charles Lee, Lill Mills, Mary-Ellen Carter, and Mohan Venkatachalam. I deeply appreciate their joining our games - we truly made friendships that will last a lifetime playing that game. And, of course, we now know what the other attendees look like when they're lying.

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