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Kathryn Brightbill

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435T College of Business

University of Nebraska – Lincoln


I am a visiting assistant professor at The University of Nebraska - Lincoln. I will be on the market again during the 2018-2019 recruiting season. My dissertation explores the conditions under which analyst teams issue higher quality forecasts than solo peers. To do so, I use a hand-collected sample of more than 17,000 analyst reports. My dissertation is currently under review at The Accounting Review. My research interests include information intermediaries and linguistic analysis centering on pragmatics.

Teaching Experience:

  • Undergraduate Managerial Accounting

    • 16 sections from 2013-2018

  • Online MBA Financial Accounting (Fall 2018/Spring 2019) 

  • Advanced Financial Accounting (Spring 2019)

Miami Rookie Camp


FARs Midyear Meeting

Selected Achievements

Late in 2016 I was able to present my research as a finalist in the Three-Minute Thesis competition among University of Iowa graduate students. I was the only person from a business school to participate.

In early 2017 I was honored to receive the Mary Collins fellowship, in recognition of contributions during the University of Iowa research workshops.

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